Justin Timberlake Admits Jessica Biel 'Cracks the Whip' at Home (VIDEO)

justin timberlakeOne of the highlights of the People's Choice Awards yesterday was undeniably Justin Timberlake's acceptance speech for the Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album awards. Although she was suspiciously absent (yet again ...) from the show, his wife Jessica Biel got a major shout-out from JT. "And I'd like to thank my beautiful wife for teaching me patience and the little things like just putting the dishes in the dishwasher. It goes a long way -- fellas, you're welcome!" he joked. Immediately, Twitter blew up with comments about how they're probably on the brink of divorce over household chores!

The fact that Jessica wasn't in attendance (for the second time in a row, as she didn't accompany him to the American Music Awards in November, mind you) and the fact that he went to Taco Bell -- not straight home to his wifey, gasp! -- only added fuel to the fire.


See, he even Instagrammed photographic proof that he would rather get his Grilled Stuft Nacho fix than have QT with his spouse:

I kid, I kid. Let's calm down, people. I see no real cause for concern. Especially if the biggest thing these two squabble about involves cleaning up around the house!

Sounds like they're no different than most couples. Especially newlyweds. It's funny, because even having lived together for over six years when we got married, actually tying the knot changed something. Now that I'm a wife, I feel a bit more motivated to get my act together and clean up more regularly/diligently. (And no, it has nothing to do with being submissive, Candace Cameron Bure!) My husband seems to be more into the teamwork of prepping and cleaning up of dinner, too. Probably has something to do with marriage shoring up the idea that you're a team, and you're building your home together or something.

Really, I have no idea, but there are plenty of times we have to motivate one another (usually it's him prodding me) to do some simple straightening up and maintenance cleaning. That's life; that's marriage! And hearing that's what goes on in the Timberlake household shouldn't have us worried. It's just a reminder that they're actually pretty damn normal, despite all those awards.

What sorts of household chores do you and your partner squabble over?



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