Zoe Saldana May Actually Make 'Rosemary's Baby' Remake Worth Watching

zoe saldanaI most definitely remember, with abject horror, the night I bore witness to Rosemary's Baby, the 1968 horror film directed by Roman Polanski. It's, in a word, terrifying, and instantly became a scary movie classic. A mysterious pregnancy, a paranoid mother, creepy neighbors, a distant husband, cults, Satanism ... it's little wonder why those who watch this movie proceed to crap themselves throughout. It's enough to turn you off frightening movies forever, just to avoid having those terrifying images and nightmares percolate your mind.

And now, because Hollywood has completely run out of original ideas (It's a Wonderful Life remake, really???), NBC has made plans to produce a four-hour miniseries based off the 1967 best-selling novel by Ira Levin. Sounds like a horrific idea already, doesn't it?

But since the lead has been cast, it may cause some people to pause for just the briefest of moments ...


Zoe Saldana, the gorgeous actress who starred in blockbusters such as Avatar, Star Trek, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, is going to play Rosemary. Whoa. Talk about a game-changer!

“Zoe has proven that she is one of our most gifted actresses and we think she has the perfect combination of spirit and gravitas to take on the title role from Ira Levin’s infamous novel,” said Quinn Taylor, Executive Vice President, Movies, Miniseries, and International Co-Productions at NBC Entertainment. “With Zoe leading the cast under the direction of Agnieszka Holland, this reimagined event mini-series is off to a great start.”

Like the book, but unlike the first movie, the television version will take place in France. Perhaps this is a sign that they'll follow the book a lot more closely than the movie did, giving book purists something to look forward to.

And you can't help but admit that Zoe is one of the best, most badass actresses out there. She could bring a lot to the table to embody this iconic role. Come on, Uhura could so take on Satan and some creepy, disturbed neighbors! To break the mold and not cast someone blonde and white also forces Rosemary fans to give the producers some props.

As I said before, don't even get me started on all this recycled material that has been popping up on our TV and movie screens lately. It's little wonder audiences are desperate for some new material. But now, with Saldana cast, it could pique a lot of people's interest to see what she could do with the part. Not all remakes have been blow-my-brains-out-worthy, right? And we can only hope that NBC chooses better than what happened with The Sound of Music Live! with Carrie Underwood taking on the part that Julie Andrews made famous. Okay, okay, she sang great, but dear god that acting ...

Would you check out a remake of Rosemary's Baby now that Zoe Saldana has been cast as the lead?


Image via Sgt. Michael Connors/Wikimedia

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