Kim Kardashian Is Going Bald! Kim Kardashian Is Going Bald! (PHOTO)

kim kardashianGuess what, world? An unflattering photo of Kim Kardashian has been taken. I didn't think it could happen. I didn't think she'd LET it happen. But it did. Kim was photographed leaving a Beverly Hills nail salon with her hair in a bun, showing off both multiple bald patches and her weave. I'm so confused! I feel dizzy! How did Kris Jenner let this happen? What year is it?!


Now, I'm totally not knocking Kim for her hair loss. As somebody who lost copious amounts of hair after giving birth also, I know what it's like. And I feel for her. But I can't help but think that, in addition to hormones doing their lovely thing post-birth, some of Kim's hair loss prolly came from hair extensions. Kim -- all the Kardashians, actually -- has been known to rock extensions to make her already-gorgeous hair all the more gorgeous and full and long. But, from what I've heard and seen, they do a number on your hair. Uninteresting story alert! My sister had hair extensions and they ruined her hair.

But back to Kim. I'd be lying if I said my knee-jerk reaction wasn't to gawk a bit upon first seeing this pic. I mean, I've been writing about this woman for years (years!) now, and literally, this is the first photo of her where she doesn't look completely perfect. Is she starting to care less what the world thinks of her? Or did the paps just catch her at a bad time? Who knows? Who cares! All I can think about right now is, hot dog, Kim isn't 100 percent physically flawless after all.

That said, though. The woman still looks hot. Bald patches and all.

What do you think of these pics? Surprised Kim let this happen?


Image via Splash

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