Beyoncé Stuns Karaoke Singers When She Joins Them Out of Nowhere

BeyonceLet's talk a little bit about how Beyonce is the greatest, shall we? The woman named her alter-ego Sasha Fierce. She just dropped an album dedicated entirely to celebrating how much she likes to have sex with Jay-Z all the live long day. She is responsible for this, my favorite of all the sweatshirts.

She's also not above chilling with her fans. We had quiche just yesterday. Sadly, that is not true-true, but oh friends, how it made me laugh. Two of Beyonce's fans DID get a chance to hang out with her recently though, and they were just as cheesed about the event as you or I would be.


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Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Jay-Z, and others were hanging out in a karaoke club in Miami, as one presumably does (usually while displaying impressive side-boob). Though the VIPs started off their evening in a private room, Beyonce began to roam the halls when she heard the strains of her hit song, "Party." She made Kelly come with her -- because of course she did.

Once Beyonce found the room and singers in question, she danced into the room and into their dazed hearts. It took the singers a fresh hot minute to figure out what was going on, and when they did, there was much squealing and taking of pics. Beyonce even popped a squat beside a sleeping member of the group who missed the whole deal! Man, to be that person. That dude is the Bill Buckner of popular culture right now.

I would make hraka twice and die if Beyonce waltzed into a room and joined me in song. Here are a couple of other musicians who I'd freak to sing karaoke with, no matter how many gin fizzes I'd imbibed over the course of an evening.

1. David Bowie

I'd be schwasted singing "China Girl" and he'd join in and I'd start crying and throwing up at the same time. No one wins that day.

2. Adam Levine

I can't imagine a situation where I'd even be singing one of his songs -- but if he joined my posse, I'd take him to task for his perceived arrogance. The party would end not long thereafter.

3. Adele

We'd sing "Someone Like You" together and I'd make her hold me.

4. Elvis

I'd just start screaming and screaming and throwing objects because Elvis is dead and so this would either be his ghost or a zombie.

5. Robert Downey Jr.

Surprisingly talented vocalist. I'd be kicked out of the club for trying to smooch him. #worthitthough.

Who would you KILL to sing a karaoke duet with? Prince, maybe? One Direction fans GTFO of here with that.


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