Catherine Giudici Already Learning the Ugly Truth About Marrying Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

They'll officially be husband and wife in just 17 days, but it sounds like Catherine Giudici is already learning that every aspect of getting hitched isn't as lovey-dovey and perfect as a scene out of a romantic movie. (Reality is such a buzz kill.)

In the midst of making all of the final preparations for their big day, Sean Lowe and Catherine applied for their marriage license -- something which she obviously had much higher expectations for as far as it being a milestone moment.


Check out the tweet Catherine posted just yesterday about getting all the legal stuff in order.


Aww. I remember thinking it was pretty cool when my husband and I applied for ours. Actually, I thought it was kind of exciting? Whatever. To each his own, I guess.

But if Catherine thinks signing paperwork was a real drag ... wait until she gets a load of some of the other surprisingly mundane stuff that goes along with getting married. Like when Sean forgets to take out the garbage week after week. Or the first time he gets a man cold and drives her absolutely bananas. Or heck -- wait until they return from their honeymoon and all the fuss is over and it's like, "Wait ... we're married. Now what?"

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I'm not sure exactly what she imagined getting a marriage license would be like, but based on her tweet, it sounds like she envisioned something epic -- like riding off into the sunset on an elephant after the ink dried.

Hopefully she isn't too disappointed in the whole process; otherwise, she might be setting her expectations a bit too high when it comes to how blissful she assumes tying the knot is going to be. Yeah ... for the most part it's great, but it's not all sunshine and roses. And sometimes it's kind of boring and ... blah.

Odds are good that she and Sean are going to be very happy together based on how well their relationship has fared thus far. But Catherine better not get too caught up in the fantasy of every single moment being a fairy tale. Stuff like that usually only happens on TV.

What "unromantic" things were you surprised about after getting married?


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