Jennifer Aniston & Miley Cyrus Fighting Over the Same Man

Miley Cyrus Jennifer Aniston

Ha! It sounds like there just might be a new celebrity feud brewing in La-La-land -- and this one's a real doozie. Apparently Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus share the same hairstylist -- which has Jen all pissed off.

Chris McMillan is the dude responsible for the most iconic cut ever -- "The Rachel" -- and he also chopped off Miley's locks into her now infamous pixie cut.

And because everyone is talking about Miley's 'do these days, apparently Jen doesn't think Chris is devoting enough time to her hair, which used to be the star of the show.


So now she wants him to kick Miley to the curb and make her the center of attention so everything is right with the world again.

OMG. Are you guys buying this one? Somehow I'm guessing it's nothing more than a rumor, but you have to admit that the idea of Miley and Jen feuding over some dude with a pair of scissors is pretty darn comical. I can just hear Jen bitching and moaning over it ... can't you?

"What the hell? Um, excuse me, don't you realize just how many people copied my haircut? They all wanted to BE me, dammit. And now you don't have time for me all because of some girl who isn't afraid to shake her ass against a man's package on live television? This hurts, Chris. Like for reals."

Ok, so maybe that's a little extreme ... but the idea of her being annoyed that Chris has touched her hair and Miley's is worthy of poking fun at.

And can you imagine Miley's commentary on the whole thing? "Whatever y'all. Friends has been over for like ... I dunno ... like ever since it's been over. That Jen lady is, like, 40, or something. First I'll steal her stylist ... then I'm comin' for her man. I can't stop. And I won't stop."

In all seriousness though -- who do you think will win if there is actually a fight going on between Miley and Jen over who gets to keep Chris?

I hate to say it, but my money's on the twerking queen. (Asses speak louder than words.)

Do you think Miley and Jen are really feuding?


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