Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! 32 Reasons to Celebrate the Duchess

Kate Middleton Prince WilliamDo you know what today is? Quick check of the calendar will reveal it's January 9, but that's not all! Today is Kate Middleton's birthday! Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge, mum to the future king, turns 32 years old today!

And with the big day in mind, we figured it's high time we find out just why it is we can't get enough Kate! So here it is, why we love Kate Middleton ... let us count the ways. All 32 of them!


1. She isn't afraid to break with tradition to be a good mom.

2. She hasn't forgotten where she came from -- or who is important in her life!

3. Her outfit repeats make us feel like shopping in our closets too!

4. She takes time out of her busy schedule to hang out with sick children and show them a good time.

5. She can rock a hat like nobody's business.

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6. She loves her family ... and not just the royal one!

7. The Duchess doesn't speak in public very often, but she makes sure her public appearances really count -- like her first solo speech to promote Children's Hospice Week.

8. She's comfortable having her husband be friends with her ex. That takes a lot of guts ... and a lot of class!

9. From the details of the renovation job that Kate did at New Kensington Palace, we know she puts real value on keeping the old alive even as she modernizes.

10. She isn't just nice in front of the cameras. Staff at the hospital where Kate gave birth reported being treated like royalty themselves. And here we would excuse a woman in labor for being a little cranky!

11. Being a military wife is no easy job, but Kate always supported Prince William's job.

12. She knows when to say no. Thank GOODNESS she put a stop to that plan to film her birth. Yikes!

13. She's nice to her in-laws. Not always easy!

14. Showing affection may not be "done" when you're royalty, but Kate has no problem throwing her arms around Wills on occasion, and she looks absolutely delighted when she's with her son.

15. Her "mummy tummy" shortly after giving birth made millions of moms feel better!

16. She watches Downton Abbey too!

17. Having a mother-in-law as iconic as Princess Diana can't be easy, but Kate always has something nice to say about her husband's late mom.

18. Speaking of moms, Kate has proven herself a great one. Nothing like a mom who will turn a royal tour on its head to make sure she can spend time with her little one.

19. But don't worry, this uber mom has no problem sharing the love with Dad. Kate says her little guy will follow in dad's footsteps. Aww! Nice to see two parents working together.

20. Gray hair on Kate just makes her more relatable.

22. She's not above cooking for her family. She even took recent cooking classes!

23. Even her dates nights are for good causes.

24. She buys clothes we can actually afford!

25. She's fiercely protective of her son's privacy.

26. Kate is a fan of the spray tan, so we hear. Let's hear it for a lady who keeps her health in mind!

27. She's just so gracious! When a random person gifted her with a onesie, Kate didn't say, "I have plenty," she actually made small talk about how it was a perfect fit for Prince George.

28. Her accent. Is. Divine.

29. She insists people call her Kate --  no pushing people to go all formal and call her Catherine!

30. She's not afraid to take fashion risks. Have you seen the wild maternity dress she wore shortly before giving birth?

31. She's got a wild streak! The princess is taking ... flying lessons!

32. Her stunning hairstyles inspire us to try to do something with our own mops!

So how about YOU? Why do YOU love Kate Middleton?


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