Michelle Rodriguez Gets Drunk, Kisses BFF at Knicks Game -- So What? (PHOTO)

michelle rodriguez cara delevingneEveryone is talking about these two young women's behavior and I just have to wonder -- would we even care as much if it were a couple of guys instead? Apparently Michelle Rodriguez got tipsy at a Knicks game with her BFF, model Cara Delevingne. Both gals are known for their hard-partying and crazy antics. I guess they were kinda-sorta kissing each other and ohhhhhh! Light-bulb moment: That's why everyone's talking about this.


Basically it was like watching two girls' summer camp bonding moments, only it takes place courtside at a basketball game, all in one night. Also, Michelle is 35 and Cara is 21. In other words: Every straight man's fantasy. Are they sleeping with each other? Maybe. Maybe not. But if they are, they probably won't let you watch.

Now it's time to consider this from a parenting perspective. (FUN!) Just so you know, the shenanigans got underway toward the end of the game, when young basketball fans were most likely in bed. So it's unlikely that any impressionable little minds were contaminated by the sight of two drunk ladies. But of course now the photos are all over the Internet, which means it's pretty darn likely your kids saw them before you did.

So: How do you talk with your kids about Michelle and Cara? Option one is to be all judgy and make an example of them. Bad girls, bad, bad! Just keep in mind the golden rule of repression: It usually backfires.

Or you could take a more neutral approach. "Huh, looks like Michelle had a little too much to drink during that game. What do you think about that?" I mean, maybe your kid already knows public drunkenness makes you look like an ass. This would be a good time to find out.

As for the girls making out, come on. It's 2014, which means we now get to say, "Girls will be girls." Get ready for your own kids to do this at a basketball game someday. Haha, I'm kidding! OR AM I?

Do you care if your kids see these photos?


Image via Al Bello/Getty

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