Jessica Simpson Reveals Just WHEN She'll Finally Marry Fiance Eric Johnson (VIDEO)

Jessica simpson gmaI've always rooted for Jessica Simpson, but my heart is pretty much exploding for her right now. The mom of two is blissfully happy, and it shows! Appearing on Good Morning America yesterday, Jess said motherhood has boosted her confidence, explaining, "I just feel so proud of what I've done and what I've accomplished." As she should! In fact, she's feeling SO amazing that she says she's FINALLY ready to tie the knot with fiance and baby daddy Eric Johnson, whom it feels like she's been engaged to for eons!

Jess revealed, "We don't have an actual date, but we do know that we want it to be this year. We need to get married." Awww! Yay! But at the same time, it's not that Jess feels like much is going to change once they actually do get hitched ...


She explained:

I already feel like we're like an old married couple already. If he wanted to run, he could have run when I was hormonal and pregnant.

Ha, love it! And how cute that she's got that feeling of comfort and security in her relationship. It's a great reminder that plenty of couples feel like they don't necessarily need an official marriage certificate to validate their bond. Engaged, planning, or not, you can still have that "old married couple" dynamic. But actually saying "I do" takes it to that next happy level where you can be a family not just in how you feel, but in name, too ...

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So I can definitely understand why that's something Jess and Eric feel they need and want, especially now that they've got little Maxwell and Ace. Who will obviously be the cutest little flower girl and ring bearer in all of Hollywood!

Here's Jess's whole super-sweet interview ...


Did you and your partner feel like an "old married couple" well before you actually were?


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