This Is the Sexiest Photo of a Man Sitting on a Toilet You Will Ever See

alexander skarsgardLet's discuss Alexander Skarsgard. Let's first take a minute to catch our collective breath because we are about to talk about Alexander Skarsgard and just the mention of his name and the way it rolls off the tongue is like swallowing 22 dozen butterflies. Open mouths. Let those butterflies flutter out. Anticipation. Whisper now ... Alexander Skarsgard. Sigh.

The ever-so insanely gorgeous man who plays Eric Northman has me dreaming of his every sex scene, his every removal of clothes, his perfectly chiseled body ... I lost my train of thought. Oh yes, Alexander has managed to defy all odds, not that I would expect anything less, and has shown himself -- all of his 6-foot, 4-inch Swedish amazingness -- whilst sitting on a toilet outdoors at the South Pole in -30C degree weather (-22F for the rest of us). Yes. Yes. Behold the hottest potty porn your eyes will ever see!


Alex has managed to make even going to the bathroom seem clean and not cringe-worthy. I wouldn't mind walking in on that. Excuse me, honey, I'm just going to reach over you to get my toothbrush. This impeccable man is just so open with his body -- nudity is natural, it's so Swedish and free and now I want to run naked in the snow with only my Nordic boots on.

In case you're wondering why Alex is in this cunningly cold position, he was on an expedition at the South Pole for a Walking With the Wounded charity challenge. But really, if you are as hot as Skarsgard, the cold isn't going to be an issue. Polar vortex be damned!

Apparently Alex has no issues with being naked. Some of the greatest news ever right there. And why should he? He's a Man, capital M. His body ... beautiful. And seriously, any man that confident with himself is sexy. You know what else? He doesn't like wearing one of those sock things to hide your junk when filming love scenes. Yeah. Tis true. That's why we got a glimpse of the full-frontal on True Blood.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So hot, don't you think? Even on the toilet!


Images via Nick Step/Flickr; Inge Solheim/Instagram

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