Kim Zolciak Is Desperate to Return to ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ for Obvious Reasons

Kim Zolciak Some people are experts on climate change, the British monarchy, or Eastern erotica. Some are experts in other things. For me, it's The Real Housewives of Atlanta. As such, I must be taken as seriously as any bald dude with a pipe and bow-tie sitting in front of a bookcase and nattering away on PBS, when I say that this season of RHOA has been one of the best ever.

If you continue to doubt me, here's some proof -- the sentient wig controlling Kim Zolciak wants back on the show. This is in no way surprising. I mean, I want back on the show and I was never a featured performer thereon. Kim, who infamously left the show in a huff to pursue her own "Tardy"-based reality programs, may be working on her next season, but that doesn't mean she isn't open to returning to Atlanta.


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That is, if they'll have her. If we're taking votes and I, as a nobody at home in front of my computer eating a frozen Twix, get to cast a ballot, mine is a big "N - O." The show has been doing just fine without Kim and her particular brand of evasive, awkward drama. I can't even sit through her spin-off. I feel like it's mostly just Kim wrapped in ace bandages running around a massive house empty but for airbrushed portraits of herself in the nude.

It's no small wonder she wants to return to RHOA. They've had their most successful season to date. This past Sunday's episode was the most watched ever. People are watching, in large part, because the cast right now is perfect. It's the right blend of friends, enemies, and total weirdos (looking at you, Kenya Moore). Cultivating drama fit for reality television is a trickier science than some might imagine. One wrong step and you've got a blah season *cough cough* Real Housewives of New York *cough cough*.

Kim may say she's "open" to returning but I for one hope that the show isn't as "open" to her coming back. The show is so far from broken. Let Kim, her wigs, and her strange beauty procedures stay in their corner. See yourself out, boo.

Do you want Kim back on RHOA?


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