Alex Trebek Raps & the Internet Thinks He’s Dead Because He’s Trending (VIDEO)

On Monday night, Jeopardy contestants had to ask some questions in a category called “It’s a Rap,” which as you may have already guessed, involved some rap lyrics as answers. One of America’s favorite game show hosts did not disappoint viewers with a missed opportunity -- Alex Trebek laid down the beat.

I won't lie. Listening to the once-mustached 73-year-old usually buttoned-up white guy say “nuthin’ but a g thang” out loud totally just made my day.


Take a look:

I love the end when he’s all, “I don’t know why that’s making you laugh so much!” Oh yes he does. And this wink-wink is for you, Alex!

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Apparently I wasn’t the only one that loved it -- the Internets went so crazy that #AlexTrebek started trending, and you know what happens when a celeb in their second half-century whom you haven’t necessarily thought about in awhile starts trending … they’re going to wind up dead on social media.

Of course Mr. Trebek isn’t dead, and may we all look forward to more rap lyric answers and questions in the future.

Do you have a soft spot for Jeopardy and Alex Trebek?


Image via ebonygentleman79/YouTube

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