Kate Middleton & Prince William May Soon Have a Familiar Face Next Door

Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince HarryThere's no denying that Prince William and Kate Middleton have a lot on their hands. With cute little Prince George being a major bundle of energy, they also need to have time to make all their public appearances and, of course -- spend time with one another. Which is why the latest news that Prince Harry may be moving in next door has GOT to excite them. Hello, perfect babysitter!

Apparently the apartment next to Will and Kate's place, which belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, may soon be up for grabs. Princess Michael told Tatler Magazine that the Gloucesters have no need for the huge place anymore since their children have gone.

Now the real question is: Is Prince William going to let Harry play with that PlayStation Kate got him for Christmas? (I kid, I kid.)


As we all know, Prince William and Prince Harry are super close, both as friends and as brothers. For Harry to move in next door, well, I'm sure it wouldn't faze William all that much. In fact, I'm sure William would rather like having his brother around. Someone to hang with, drink a few brews and watch football, change a few diapers ...

But that's not the case with all family members, now is it? What about us normal folk, eh? Like I'm sure your best friend whose mother-in-law lives right around the corner knows what I'm hinting at here.

Sure, it's nice to be able to make Sunday dinner with Mom every once in a while. You betchya. But then there are the times when living too close may cause a bit of a strain. The unexpected drop-ins. The desire for more space. The wishing you didn't have to hear your Aunt's feedback on every single decorating decision you're making.

My opinion? I'd rather have too much of my family rather than too little. If Prince Harry were to move in next to Will and Kate, I'm sure it'll be a blast. Plus, he'll be able to be there for so many of little Prince George's firsts. Nothing in the world can beat that.

Do you live near your family? Do you love it or hate it?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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