Neil Patrick Harris Goes on Must-See Mexican 'Drinking Binge' (PHOTOS)

Neil Patrick HarrisAre you a Neil Patrick Harris fan? Of course you are. What sort of soulless heathen doesn't love NPH, especially after seeing Dr. Horrible? He's smart, talented, adorable, well-spoken, multifaceted (he acts, produces, directs, sings, dances, routinely steals the show as an awards host, and was a stupendously awesome Old Spice spokesperson), and best of all, he's downright hilarious.

If you're not already following him via social media, I definitely recommend doing so. He's usually pretty entertaining, but yesterday he took his Instagram/Twitter game to a whole new level with a joke Mexican drinking binge. The awesome photo sequence involved plenty of margaritas, Harris's droolworthy torso (which is obviously off-limits to me for at least three very good reasons, but come on, eye candy is eye candy), and his increasingly fake-intoxication, which just got funnier as the images progressed.


Here's how the pretend-bender got started:

"Last day of our Mexico adventure. Let's see just how many margaritas I can drink. Cheers!"


Hubba hubba, Harris. I mean, damn. I mean, are you sure you're not into -- ahem. Anyway, things quickly progressed from there:

"Margarita #4: Feeling great. Can't find my book ..."


"Margarita #7: Yummy yum yum! Man, what's in these things?!?"

"Margarita #12: I's the life of the party!! Everybodyone is LOVING me!!"

"Margarita #17: Maaaybeee shud take break I shud maybeee. #ifoundahat"

(Haaaa, that hashtag.)

"Margarita #19: ......hic!...... "

"Margarita #W: I swinnin laps"

"Magachita #3, 4 mebbe? : Bruuuglah dret scruh nuu rezzlooshun! Nigh nigh nowh. #annndblackout"

In conclusion, I'm pretty sure Neil Patrick Harris wins as most hilarious celebrity on social media for this series. Also, I think my favorite part is all the comments from people expressing criticism/concern over his overindulgence ("You're scaring the children!"). Never change, Internet.

Do you love Neil Patrick Harris as much as I do?

Images via Instagram

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