Khloe Kardashian Fuels Pregnancy Rumors With Oldest Trick in the Book

Khloe Kardashian When the rumor broke last week that Khloe Kardashian was possibly pregnant with Lamar Odom's child, I poured myself some tea into a fine china cup paired with a saucer only so that I could drop it dramatically and mutter about "the scandal." I'll admit it: I've gone slightly 'Downton' in the head. God-willing, for my sake and that of my very limited selection of fine china, it will pass.

Things have only gotten juicier since the news first broke. So lock up the china cabinet, I guess? Now sources are saying Khloe is indeed pregnant -- and she's not sure who the baby-daddy is. Khloe herself isn't helping things on the rumor front by doing the ol' "belly covered with a mammoth purse" thang in recent paparazzi pics.


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There's no way that Khloe's pregnant. I don't believe it even a little bit. But that's not through lack of trying on her part. In this latest piece of "proof," she's leaving a friggin' Lululemon after shopping for workout gear. She's not prepping for baby, she's doing the ever-popular, post-breakup, "I'm gonna get so hot that his brain will explode" fitness routine. While working out doesn't preclude a baby as a possibility, it doesn't seem likely here. As much as they like to pretend otherwise, the only soap opera the Kardashians actually live in is the one they've created. And that's a pretty well-orchestrated universe.

But I guess that isn't newsworthy enough for Khloe. You can't tell me she doesn't know EXACTLY what people are going to say about her covering up her tummy with that bag. It makes my heart sad, but methinks that Khloe is deliberately toying with us to keep her name in the press. She's long been my fave of the sisters, but this ploy seems desperate and tacky. It also reminds you that however cool she might seem, she's 100 percent Kardashian: Publicity might as well be her middle name.

Do you think Khloe's actually pregnant or just fame-hungry?


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