Charlie Sheen Joked About Getting Married to Mess With Denise Richards

So Charlie Sheen doesn’t seem to like his ex-wife Denise Richards very much anymore, does he? Last month he tweeted a bizarre picture of chopped up wedding souvenir of theirs alongside a knife, which had everyone scratching their heads because as recently as last October the pair was spotted hanging out amicably with their daughters at the pumpkin patch.

And then this weekend he took to his favorite social media medium to post a picture of him and his new ex-porn star girlfriend Brett Rossi in front of the former French consulate building in Iceland, claiming that that’s where they’d gotten hitched.


Side note: Just as an FYI, the mention of Reagan and Gorbachev refers to the 1986 Cold War Summit that took place at the consulate.

The whole thing turned out to be a hoax though. Sheen’s rep to Us Weekly, “He’s kidding around,” and to “read the hashtag.”

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So sorry #RumorMilUhPede didn’t clear things up immediately. I mean, Charlie is usually so articulate and well spoken.

Anyway, the cray-cray actor told TMZ that the whole thing was just a stunt to screw with his ex-wife’s mind. He said, “I wanted to give Denise a stroke!!!”

What a sweetheart.

Have you ever had a crazy ex try to hurt you?


Image via Charlie Sheen/Twitter

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