Emma Roberts Engaged to Actor She Was Accused of Beating Up

Emma RobertsEmma Roberts is engaged! Supposedly. No word from Roberts on Twitter but several outlets are reporting that Julia Roberts' niece, who stars in American Horror Story: Coven, is engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Evan Peters. And, err, yes, this is the same boyfriend she allegedly beat to a pulp less than six months ago. Yikes. Erm. Hmm. Red flag anyone?


Emma is only 22. And her boyfriend, who also stars in American Horror Story, is only 26. And there's that whole domestic violence thing that happened in July. Emma reportedly left Evan with a bloody nose and a bite mark -- but he refused to press charges.

The two were reportedly hitting each other when police responded. Shortly afterwards, Emma was photographed "in tears" while Evan comforted her.

Since then, Evan has reportedly called Emma "the love of [his] life." And if this was a woman speaking, we'd all have a serious problem with it. In fact, should we have a problem now?

Of course, I guess it's not our business. But they're both in the public eye, so it sort of is. But when Rihanna went back to Chris Brown, she got a lot more flack than Evan. In fact, no one has thought much about Evan. Maybe he's just not famous enough -- but also, he's a guy. There's still a double standard about this stuff. Like a girl hitting a guy is "cute" or something.

Like check out this language: At the time of the assault, US reported a source as saying that "Emma is very dramatic" and "Their romance is pretty extreme. They just behave in a way that's very passionate." Oh, good lord. Punching a guy bloody and biting him isn't "passionate."

If Evan had punched and bit Emma, no one would be calling him "dramatic." They'd be calling him an abuser. However, since no charges were filed, we'll never know exactly what happened. Maybe Emma was defending herself?

In a joint statement, the two called it "an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding." Eh-heh. Well, maybe so, but still ... these two are awfully young, and they've only known each other less than two years. Marriage seems a big step.

But anyway ... congrats to these two passionate kids?! Sigh.

Do you think they should have gotten engaged?

Image via EmmaRoberts6/Instagram

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