Kim Kardashian Wears Coat & Not Much Else on Girls' Night Out

kim kardashianKim Kardashian and "minimalist" are not two words you'd often hear paired in the same sentence. And yet, lately that's the sort of style Kim's been going for. Of course, because it's Kim, "minimalist" means twice the makeup to make it look like half, and far less of that bulky clothing stuff so many of us feel weighed down by daily. Bra? Who needs it! (Me. I do. I am the one.)

On a recent girls' night out, Kim fannied about town in mostly just a black trench-coat and peep-toe booties. Part of me went full mom at the sight of her naked toes and was all "IT IS JANUARY KIM." But then I decided that the full coverage of the coat made up for the lack of insulation on her tootsies.


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But it didn't make up for the teeny-tiny black dress and lack of breasticle support! Oh sure, I like it when Kim tries something that's a whole lot more streamlined -- and this monochromatic look has a nice, modern feel to it. But Kim, ever a fan of letting it all hang out, seems to be ditching her recent forays into classier looks and embracing what Kris Jenner gave her.

I could give two figs about Kim overtly displaying her goodies. If anything, it's refreshing to see her take a tired, classic look and turn on the sexiness. It's a good thing she reverted to the old ways of styling her body too, because with this stick straight blonde hair and waaaaay different "more natural" makeup style, she looks like somebody else. She doesn't look BAD -- she just looks like someone ... trying to look like Kim Kardashian.

What do you think about Kim's latest look? Do you ever go braless?


Image via Instagram

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