Lamar Odom Hides Under a Towel in Latest Sad Post-Divorce Outing

khloe and lamarBreakups are the worst. In my humble estimation, when a relationship ends, there should be a service that does the heavy lifting for you. It issues a press release explaining that you will be in your room binge-watching Hannibal and main-lining Cool Whip for the next six to eight days. Sadly, such a service does not exist. I bet Lamar Odom is definitely feeling he could have used it.

Lamar's been laying low since his divorce from Khloe Kardashian was made public after months of speculation. When he does emerge in public, it's a big deal. You'd think this is something of which he's well aware. That's why his most recent appearance is a little disturbing.


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Lamar was photographed with a towel draped over his head. My immediate reaction is a knee-jerk "who does that?" But Lamar is an athlete, so the idea that he'd have a towel with him post-workout is more likely than, say, the idea of me clutching one after a sedate 20-minute elliptical session. It's probably really daunting to see some stranger with a camera come at you -- I'd hide beneath a towel too in a pinch.

Still, it's definitely a bit odd. Doesn't he know that any behavior that remotely smacks of odd-ballness is going to draw MORE attention, not less? Clearly he's got a lot of gut-feelings brewing about the split. Source say Lamar is deeply concerned about how the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is going to portray him. It doesn't take a genius to realize that, yeah, he's not going to come out of this highly orchestrated melodrama looking like the greatest guy on the planet. Frankly, if I were Lamar, I'd be hiding too.

Do you think Lamar is really worried about what the press will say about him?


Image via Splash News

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