Catherine Giudici Skips a Bridal Shower for Something Much Better (PHOTO)

catherine giudici sean loweWith less than a month to go, the countdown to Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe's big day is really on now. First, the Bachelor couple shared that they were looking into getting their marriage license. Then, over the weekend, they posted pics from their wedding shower. Yup, their. The caption on Sean's pic on Instagram: “It’s shower time at the Lowe house.”

I wouldn't be surprised if Catherine was treated to a ladies-only, bridal shower affair at some point, but it looks like, at least this weekend, they had something of an engagement party/shower hybrid with guys and girls!

Check out Sean's snap ...


Too cute! And looks quite familiar ... down to the expression on Sean's face. Because I'm sure he's thinking how much schlepping of Crate & Barrel boxes he and the guys were going to have to do after this! But hey, that is one definite perk of having an all-inclusive, guys-allowed shower ... which is what I had last year and loved.

Now that Catherine and Sean are doing it, hmm, maybe this is a sign that co-ed showers are gaining popularity? Though I've heard wedding/bridal shower traditions vary based on different parts of the country ... For instance, my sister-in-law tells me that where she's from in the south, a shower is women-only, and the bride gets feted not with pots and pans but with lingerie and the kinds of wink-wink gifts that are often reserved for bachelorette parties in the north.

But while the pretty-in-pink, traditional affair can make for a fun time with all your female friends, sisters, aunts, female cousins, etc., making it co-ed creates another opportunity for wedding guests to get to know one another before the event. Not necessarily a bad thing, especially if your family and friends haven't really hung out before. Getting to know one another better could make for a more festive time at the wedding!

Plus, including the guys feels a bit more, well, modern and progressive ... You get to accept the shower gifts for your home as a couple, because this isn't the 1950s, and most couples do plan on cooking and cleaning as a team. It's also a nice opportunity for the groom to bond with his guys -- you know, in a setting that's sans the pressure of living up to The Hangover -- before the big day.

And with their nuptials coming up so soon, I'm sure Catherine and Sean both appreciated the quality time with their loved ones. Not to mention all those gifts galore!

How do you feel about co-ed showers?


Image via Catherine Giudici/Instagram

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