Robert Pattinson Spotted at Airport Looking Happy Without Kristen Stewart

robert pattinsonAs a pretty frazzled traveler myself, how celebrities handle paparazzi following them through airport terminals is beyond me. Yet Twilight star Robert Pattinson seemed to be in great spirits yesterday as he made his way through New York's JFK airport rockin' jeans, a red zip-up, and a dark green T-shirt.

Now normally I wouldn't chalk this up to anything exciting. Just another A-lister going through yet another airport wearing yet another casual outfit. But do you guys remember how MISERABLE Rob looked traveling with Kristen just over a year ago? How angry and frustrated he seemed, and how not once would they dare go near one another?

Yup, it's official: Rob and Kristen are donezo and it's doing him for the better.


We've been calling it for weeks now. After Rob and Kristen spent the holidays apart and Rob cozied up with someone else come New Year's Eve -- it's clear that this Twilight duo has gone their separate ways.

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I don't care that the tabloids say that "Rob's buying Kristen a personal gift" or flying to see her or whatever the garbage is nowadays. All that I see is a happy Robert Pattinson that's been a long time comin'.

Could this be the beginning of Rob's best year ever? Considering he may have been cruising through JFK on his way to film Queen of the Desert alongside Nicole Kidman, James Franco, and Homeland's Damian Lewis -- I wouldn't be surprised.

Are you happy Rob's seemingly moved on from Kristen Stewart? What other celebrity couples do you wish would just call it quits?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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