Celebrity Who Calls Meat Eaters Pedophiles Gives Vegetarians a Bad Name

burgerI have a complicated relationship with eating meat. I do it, and I find it to be delicious. The complication comes in when I am confronted with the death of animals, for whom I loudly (and often) purport to have a great fondness. If I really loved animals, I probably wouldn't eat them. But I do. Because I lack the moral fiber to make that change and because also bacon is delicious.

This makes me a rapist and a pedophile. Don't take my word it, ask former Smiths' front-man Morrisey. The known crazy-person (and crooner who you shouldn't listen to while on a road-trip or you WILL careen into a ditch while sobbing about your eighth grade boyfriend) went on another rant about the evils of meat-eating culture. Which, you know what? Fine. I get it. I see that it's an ethical problem. But saying I'm no better than a rapist or a pedophile? That's not just undermining your argument -- it's undermining your species.


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Just to be sure the dude had thoroughly covered his bases when it came to insulting, um, all of the people, Morrisey went on to go ahead and compare abattoirs to Auschwitz. Frankly, if you value life to the extent Morrisey claims he does, how you can so cavalierly compare cows to human beings blows my ever-loving, beef-consuming mind.


The problem with approaching the issue in such a black and white way is that he's losing out on a real opportunity to win folks over to his side. Me, I'm on the fence about whether or not I'll be eating meat in the long-term. But if choosing not to do it for ethical and health reasons means being associated with zealots whose love for animals trumps their love for their fellow man -- count me out. Sorry, Tolstoy.

Do you think Morrisey's comments have any validity? If you're a vegetarian, what made you decide to give up meat?


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