Sandra Bullock Learns Important Lesson After Googling Herself

sandra bullockSandra Bullock has learned the hard way that you never, ever read the comments section on the Internet if it pertains to you. The ridiculously likable actress recently, for shits and giggles, decided to peruse some of the comments after blog posts about herself (my guess on big celeb gossip sites like People and Us Weekly), and what she saw wasn't pretty. According to Bullock, many of the comments kindly stated that "there's absolutely nothing special about her acting"; "she's not particularly attractive"; people "can't stand her"; "she's mediocre"; and "she's over 40."

Welcome to the Internet, Sandy! We'd love to have you stay, but for your sanity's sake, I suggest you run. Run as fast as those getaway sticks will carry you.


While accepting her actress of the year honor for Gravity at the Palm Springs International Film Festival (and while trolls were at home), Bullock told reporters, "So, I Googled myself and read the comments section, thinking I could get some tidbits of what people really think of me. No human being should ever read the comments sections or ever Google one's self at any time." If my computer would let me do it, I'd insert the praise emoticon right here.

Fact is, no matter what you write about online, both the subject and the author will get bashed. Plain and simple. I've had people insult me on recipe posts before. ("The picture doesn't totally match the recipe! I doubt you ever made this!!!") That's just the world we live in. But still. Sandra Bullock? Really? I couldn't think of something nasty to say about Sandra Bullock if I tried.

There are the easy-target celebs. The Kim Kardashians. The Miley Cyruses. The Justin Biebers. And while, no, it isn't nice to poke fun at other people's expense, come on. These people are setting themselves up, and in a way, it's what they want: Publicity. But for a legitimately talented, smart, seemingly-nice woman, who was cheated on nine million times by her dirtbag ex-husband, to get trashed just seems wrong. You really have to be in a crap mood to take the time to write something negative about Sandra Bullock in the comments section.

Luckily, it doesn't seem like reading the rude comments got Sandra down too much. There were some good ones in there, also, and that seems to be what she's chosen to focus on. "Some commenters thought I had good hair and good teeth," Bullock said. "And I made some young girls and some over 40 girls laugh with some chick flicks. I sparked with Betty White and I've flown into space. I've had a pretty good life and a pretty good career."

Now. Try to find something nasty to say about that.

Have you ever written a nasty comment online? Okay, let's narrow this down: Have you ever written a nasty comment about Sandra Bullock? Within the past week.


Image via djtomdog/Flickr

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