Robert Pattinson Can't Seem to Stop Dating Kristen Stewart’s Friends

nettie wakefield
Wakefield on the left
Remember how we heard Robert Pattinson supposedly commissioned hot British artist Nettie Wakefield to paint a portrait of Kristen Stewart as a gift? Yeah, I'm not so sure that portrait is getting done. Turns out Nettie Wakefield may be dating Rob. It sounds like the two have been spending so much time together, Nettie's probably having a hard time finding the time to paint a portrait of anyone.


If I mention trashy tabloid The Sun, are you going to be immediately skeptical? Oh well. Sometimes they're right. A recent report by The Sun claims Rob and Nettie were spotted at pubs all over London over the holidays. "They were very touchy-feely (sic). They were trying to keep a low profile but Rob teased Nettie by messing with her hair and they had a flirty play fight." And then they "giggled like teenagers."

Oh yeah, Nettie's painting a portrait all right. She's painting a portrait of lust with Robert Pattinson. (Yuk yuk.) OR MAYBE THEY'RE JUST FRIENDS. According to Hollywood Life, Nettie is a "very dear friend" of Robert's. But they think they're getting it on, too. Did I mention Nettie is also a friend of Kristen's? Because she is.

Once again, Rob is poaching gal pals from Kristen's circle of friends. He was out with Dakota Fanning just the other day. I mean, obviously he's not going exclusive with any of these ladies any time soon. But he sure is sticking with one particular crew, isn't he? Well, who can blame him. There's no OKCupid for celebs (that we know of, besides IMDb), and the Tom Cruise method of matchmaking is super creepy -- auditioning your next girlfriend? Ugh, not Rob's style.

Do you think Rob is really dating Kristen's friends or just hanging out with them?


Image via nettiedraws/Instagram

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