Harry Styles Will Break Up With Kendall Jenner Unless She Agrees to One Demand

All strong relationships involve a certain amount of give and take. One partner agrees to visit the other person's parents every other weekend, the other partner promises to get them home in time for the football game -- that sort of thing. But when you're dating a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, you can bet the negotiations you make are just a tad different. So, we can all agree that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are most assuredly still on and quite a hot item -- particularly since we discovered the two had an awesome time on a recent ski trip. Well, as it turns out, the secret to their success so far may have a lot to do with Harry's major demand: that Kendall keep their relationship off-camera and that he not appear with her on Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Uh oh. Anyone else suspect this request is going to make Kris Jenner go absolutely bonkers? 


According to reports, Harry is actually a big fan of the show and seems to have been since before the two even dated. If you believe the rumors, the One Direction singer even insists all of the hotels he stays at while touring provide access to the network that broadcasts their reality show. But despite how strongly producers are urging Kendall (and Kris?) to let cameras follow the couple on a few of their dates, Harry has refused to participate.

Good for him. I mean, he has his own image as a singer to protect and it's only fair that he be allowed to keep his professional life separate from that of his model girlfriend's. But even more importantly, his request to keep their relationship private actually serves as a good indicator that he's serious about Kendall and not using her to acquire even more fame (as if he needs that).

Kris may not be thrilled, of course. KUWTK is as much her baby as Kendall, and being the savvy business woman that she is, mama bear knows darn well an appearance by Harry on their show would make ratings skyrocket. As a mom, I'd be thrilled that my teen daughter's boyfriend has no interest in taking advantage of her, but I'm not convinced Kris holds these values. I hope so -- but time will tell if she tries to influence Kendall to get Harry onto the show.

Do you think it's fair of Harry to insist Kendall keep him and the details of their dating life off of Keeping Up With the Kardashians


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