Kylie Jenner Kicks Off 2014 The Wrong Way After Run-In With Police

Kylie Jenner

It seems like 2014 hasn't exactly started off on the right foot for Kylie Jenner. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wasn't looking anything but happy when she was pulled over in her $125,000 Mercedes SUV in Malibu Saturday after eating out with friends. According to TMZ, Jenner was issued a ticket for speeding.

This isn't the first time that the youngest daughter of Kris Jenner has had a run-in with the law. In fact, back in August Kylie got into a three-car crash in the Kardashian's hometown of Calabasis, rearending the back of a Toyota, forcing the car to hit another SUV.

It seems that these little incidents run in the family, eh? Doesn't anyone remember Kim's speeding ticket last November while trying to avoid members of the paparazzi? Seems like the Kardashian clan could use a little driver's education course during Sunday night family dinner.


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Considering it's been less than a year since Kylie started driving, the youngest Jenner doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to getting behind the wheel. Perhaps she's too distracted?I have a hard enough time driving correctly and I don't have a zillion texts, tweets, and notifications flying at me every four minutes.

Or perhaps, like so many celebrities out there, Jenner feels a little invincible to the rules of the law. I mean, how many under age celebs are getting into clubs, drinking, and doing whatever the heck they want to simply because people around the world know their name? One-too-many for me to list here, that's for sure. At this rate, Kylie isn't being the best role model for her young fans.

Do you think fame messes with young stars' perception of what's right and wrong?


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