Demi Moore's New Boy Toy Is Even Younger Than Ashton

Demi MooreI think most of us felt a little bad for Demi Moore because of the way things went down with Ashton Kutcher. Dude cheated on her with some bimbo and then almost immediately began dating his old pal Mila Kunis. Sure, say what you like about the age difference, but Ashton knew exactly how old she was when he married her. And surely he didn't think she was going to age backwards. But don't feel sorry for Demi. Girlfriend's got a new man -- and he's even younger than Ashton. Reportedly, he's the 27-year-old drummer for a popular rock band, and his name is Sean Friday.


The couple were recently photographed frolicking on the beach while on vacation and Demi couldn't have looked any better in her bikini. At 51, she has the body of a 30-year-old. Actually, most 30-year-olds would kill for her body.

As for Friday, he's a tattooed young pale dude who's definitely got that rocker thing going on. Not what I would have expected yoga fanatic Demi to be attracted to -- and I certainly hope the rockstar lifestyle doesn't trigger Demi's issues with substance abuse (Whippits anyone?). Sean is pictured on Twitter holding a bottle of something or other. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that it's a bottle of chia seed oil and he was in the midst of preparing a kale salad.

He's the drummer for a Los Angeles based band called Dead Sara, which Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl said "should be the next biggest rock band in the world."

Well, scrolling through Sean's Twitter feed, he looks like a fun guy. Wow, I really don't know how Demi keeps up with it, tell you the truth. Here he is:

Err, charming.

Hey, you know, Demi's a grown ass woman. She can do what she likes. And, who knows, maybe these two are just friends? The pics looked like a bit more than that, but what do I know.

As someone who has been through trying to date guys my own age, you really do just get to the point sometimes when you give up. Lots o' baggage. The young guys may not stick around for too long (and maybe they will, you never know), but at least they are not so jaded that you spend the whole date listening to them gripe about their ex-wives.

And let me just say no one would even blink twice at a 51-year-old man dating a 27-year-old woman. Much like Demi's ex, Bruce Willis, who just had another baby, at 58, with his 35-year-old wife.

So let Demi be, y'all!

Do you date younger men?

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