Kim Kardashian's 6 Most Lip-Puckering Poses

Kiri Blakeley | Jan 4, 2014 Celebrities

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestKim Kardashian is for the birds. I'm not being mean. She is literally for the birds. She has totally perfected the "sparrow face." Presumably, she she makes this face, sparrows and all kinds of feathered creatures flock to her. She's like the Pied Piper of egg-laying aves. I'm not sure when all of this started. Wasn't there a time when Kim looked in the camera and smiled? I could be mistaken. Perhaps she came out of the womb with this disturbing little pucker on her face. I am determined to find out. Let us embark on a journey ... a bird-watching tour if you will ... of Kim's face.

  • Original Duck


    Kim Kardashian/Instagram

    Here we have what seems to be the original duck face -- Kim hasn't quite perfected the sparrow yet.

  • Getting Closer ...



    Still a duck face but subtle yet unmistakeable alterations have been made which make the face clearly an emerging work of performance art.

  • Closer ...



    At this point, you really cannot deny that we are some kind of magical mystery tour ...

  • Relaxxxxx ...


    Here, the lips are slightly more relaxed, a key ingredient to the ultimate sparrow face. Still, there is work to be done.

  • Not Quite ...


    Sometimes you have to take two steps backwards before you can take one forwards.

  • BOOM!


    We are almost there, my friends ...

  • Perfecto Sparrow


    I suppose it is fitting that Kim reaches the pinnacle of sparrowness with her fiance, Kanye. He's doing a credible sparrow himself. He has learned from the master.

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