Kanye West Tells Kim Kardashian What to Wear Again - Lucky Girl!

Kim KardashianWe've known for quite some time that he definitely has an influence on her overall style -- but would you believe Kanye West picked out Kim Kardashian's ski clothes for their big trip to Utah?

According to Life & Style, Kimye was spotted at Sports LTD in Woodland, California earlier this week to make a few purchases for their vaca -- and Kanye was reportedly "calling all the shots" when it came to Kim's cold weather attire.


An eyewitness says, "Kanye would say, 'No I don’t like that,' to a bunch of stuff Kim was picking out. He was definitely in control. She picked out this jacket and he told her, 'No, you need a bigger size.' Kanye was picking out all the clothes and telling her what to do and what to try on and buy."

My first reaction after hearing about their shopping excursion was, "Geez. Talk about controlling. Lighten up, dude."

But then I thought about it a little more and realized Kim probably doesn't have any idea just how lucky she is to have a man who insists on dressing her. Yes ... I'm being serious.

As nuts as my schedule is these days, I'd love nothing more than to have some dude shop for me and pick out my clothes each morning so I didn't have to stand in my closet contemplating what in the hell I'm going to wear.

Think about it for a second. Wouldn't it be great if your man got up and laid your clothes out on the bed for you? OMG. One less thing to worry about. That would be all sorts of amazing.

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And it's not like Kanye picks out crappy stuff ... as most of the outfits Kim wears are pretty trendy and stylish, to say the least. (She could do worse ...)

I'm sure once in a while it gets old, but for now, Kim should just enjoy having her very own personal stylist, shopper, and fiance all in one. Dudes like that are tough to come by.

Does your husband ever pick out your clothes?


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