Kim Kardashian Takes a Spill on Skis & It's All Caught on Camera! (VIDEO)

kim kardashianThe Kardashians have made a career out of living incredibly luxurious lives. Trips to Paris for Fashion Week. Shopping trips in Rome. Frolicking on the beaches of the Caribbean Islands. That's just how they roll. So now that it's winter, it's no surprise seeing the oh-so-fab fam on the ski slopes. Though, fans will want to watch this video of Kim Kardashian's epic wipe-out.


Kim, Kanye, Kourtney, and her man Scott Disick were hanging in Park City, Utah, and it's clear they were having a good time. Check out the cute Keek video taken by Scott!


Dec 31, 2013| Source:

Amazing. Even when she takes a fall flat on her ass, she looks cool and chic. Time for a major EYE ROLL. I don't think anyone falls better than Kim. Though it's fun to see Kim and Kourtney recall their whimsical, less-staged childhood days.

These days, so much of their lives are staged. Though I have been covering reality stars for years, I was even shocked by reports that Kim made her ex-husband Kris Humphries redo his proposal because her face didn't look cute enough for the cameras the first time around. Needless to say, this family is image-obsessed. That certainly hasn't waned in recent years. Have you ever seen anyone tumble on skis so elegantly?

It's as though every single moment of their lives is a perfect, camera-ready moment. That must be hard work. Exhausting, actually, to always having to look perfect, be perfect. Sounds maddening to me.

What do you think of Kim's skiing skills?


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