Insider Reveals the Kind of Couple Kate Middleton & Prince William Really Are

kate middleton prince william wedding dayWhile the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge treated us to quite a bit of public pomp and circumstance on their royal wedding day, we didn't get to see everything, of course! Certainly not all of the up close and personal details that many guests and performers in attendance were able to observe. Almost three years later, "Burn" singer Ellie Goulding is spilling what it was like to be there on April 29, 2011.

She told Marie Claire UK that before the Big Day, she had to keep her lips sealed about her invitation. "In the weeks before, everyone I know was talking about the wedding, and I was sat like [puts knuckles in her mouth], trying not to say anything. I kept it to myself for so long -- but no one would have believed me anyway." Aww! I don't know about that!

Having been there though afforded Ellie a chance of a lifetime to actually chat with the royal couple "quite a bit." And ...?! Spill it, Ellie!


She elaborates:

They're just a really awesome couple, lovely people, so I understand why people are fascinated by them. It was a really beautiful night.

Aww. Sounds about right! Not that we've ever been given a reason to doubt it, but it is still such a relief to hear that the royal couple really ARE as down-to-earth, sweet, charming, and nice as they seem! Especially on their wedding day, when I'm sure they could've easily been overwhelmed and stressed by the formality of the occasion.

And just in case Ellie's assessment isn't enough, another guest in attendance at a pre-New Year's bash revealed of the Duchess, "The thing that really strikes you is that she is just so normal and smiley." Well, there you have it, folks! No pretenses here! Just a happy, "normal," "lovely" couple ... who happen to be a future King and Queen!

Do you believe Kate and Wills are exactly as they seem?


Image via WUF/Splash News

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