Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Heat Things Up With Romantic Getaway

Charlize TheronOoooh, Hollywood couple alert! Just in time for a little winter snuggle buddy, rumors are out that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are dating. Apparently the couple rang in the New Year together on the tropical beaches of Hawaii. Theron, 38, and Penn, 53, spent their New Year's Eve day surfing the waves of the Pacific. By Wednesday, they were back in Los Angeles spotted stepping off the same plane. Ooh, the excitement!

If the rumors are true, this would be major for Theron -- who generally keeps her love life super private, especially after her split with her boyfriend of nine years, Stuart Townsend, in 2010.

An insider tells People that the duo has been "friends for years" and that the two of them spending time together is nothing new. But still, just because they've been buds for a while doesn't mean it's about time for a little romantic connection. I mean, hello, Charlize came to Hawaii without her 2-year-old son Jackson! Can you say couple's getaway?


Personally, I'm into it. I have a girl crush on Charlize as it is, so I'm slightly jealous of any man she gets into a relationship with. Every single time I see her in that damn Dior commercial, I wonder how a woman exists that is that damn sexy. How could Penn not find her absolutely radiant? I think they have a great vibe going on.

As for Penn, well, he certainly has a laundry list of former flings and of course -- marriages. Two divorces (Penn was once married to Madonna then Robin Wright) and two children later (Penn had a son and a daughter with Wright) -- the man's been through a lot. Maybe Charlize is the friend he's been able to confide in this whole time. Perhaps Charlize's friendship turning into something more could finally be it for Penn.

Do you like the idea of Charlize and Penn together?


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