Bethenny Frankel's New Man Means One Thing for Jason Hoppy

bethenny frankelWhile you were half-drunk watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on December 31, Bethenny Frankel was ringing the New Year in right -- with a new man. According to sources, and according to photos, Bethenny is currently dating Michael Cerussi III ("Mac" for short). Frankel and Cerussi were spotted frolicking in the ocean in Miami over the holidays, and so say some, the pair was "all over each other" at the Delano Hotel, where they stayed.

Sounds good to me! Now if we could only find Jason Hoppy a woman, all would be right with the world.


Bethenny and Jason's divorce has been about as ugly as it gets. We watched them go from adorable, loving couple to arch enemies in a matter of only a few years. And their demise has been all the more heartbreaking to watch because of their sweet 3-year-old daughter, Bryn. No child should ever have documentation of their parents' acrimonious divorce. And if both Bethenny and Jason were in relationships, the acrimoniousness would end. Why? Because love makes people happy. And happy people don't fight!

When rumors of Bethenny and Jason's split first started, we all wanted to think they were just that -- rumors. We hoped the once-happy couple would reconcile and they'd go on to live hoppily ever after. But fast forward a year or so, and it couldn't be more obvious that that's not happening. So let's hope that they both just move on and have happily ever afters with other people for the sake of their little girl.

Well, Bethenny can live happily ever after. As far as I'm concerned, Jason is destined to live hoppily ever after.

Do you think Bethenny is dating too soon after her split?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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