Selena Gomez Makes BIG Mistake Hanging With Justin Bieber Again

Oh, no -- say it isn't so! Pop star Selena Gomez, who seems to have the most common sense of all of her peers, may be falling for ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber's charms (which aren't readily apparent to me, but I'm also not 20, so possibly not the best judge). After staying away from the young train wreck for nearly a year, Selena was spotted hanging out with Justin on his turf -- doing something that makes her look years younger, but you know, she's only 21 so looking younger isn't a compliment in this case. 


The old love birds were spotted after New Year's Day riding Segways -- which are two-wheeled motorized bikes that you stand on -- in Justin's posh California neighborhood. Are we to assume the two rang in New Year's together? Okay, fine, we have no proof of that, but judging by some of the photos that leaked on one Twitter user's page and other news sites, it seems Selena was quite happy to be wasting spending time with her old flame. 

In one photo, Justin can be seen riding his Segway with another friend far ahead of Selena, which reminds me of how little boys treat girls they like when they are in junior high school. It's totally possible that these images capture a few rude minutes in what was a super-nice day for Selena and Justin -- who knows. But she seemed to be miles ahead of him -- career and health-wise -- for awhile there, and even had the wisdom to cancel part of her tour this year when she sensed she needed time to relax. Yikes, let's hope hanging with Justin wasn't part of the reason she wanted to be back in California. 

Sadly, no fan photo of Justin can be posted without a comment that reminds us of how jerky he can be. Here's how Twitter user Nick Sanitsky captioned the photo he captured of the possible couple: "Bieber and Selena segwaying in the Oaks. She was so nice, so he yelled at us" 

Why doesn't this surprise us? 

Do you think Selena should get back together with Justin? 


Image via Twitter

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