Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Spent New Year's the Right Way

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonWell, the news is finally in and it may not excite Robsten fans. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart didn't spend New Year's together. I know, THE HORROR! Leading up to the big holiday, there were all these rumors that Kristen was dying to reunite with her long-term boyfriend at their New Year's traditional spot: The Isle of Wight. Her goal? To drink beers, listen to music, and laugh, hoping to rekindle what they once had.

Welp, apparently Rob was spotted on some sort of a dinner date with a mystery brunette. A few days before, the Twilight star was out clubbing in London. As for Kristen? Well, we're not exactly sure. But yup, she most definitely wasn't crooning over Rob.

Dare I say it: I think 2014 will be the year it all ended, for good.


And to that, I say THANK GOD. I mean, honestly, how many times can we hear the same rumors over and over? One second, they're on. The next, they're off. The next, Rob's out with some mystery (insert hair color here) woman and Kristen is totally pissed. It's a complete and total circus!

If either actor knows what's good for 'em, they'll start fresh and move forward in the new year. Something tells me that things will be a lot less dramatic for the both of 'em apart. Plus, holding on to all of these old feelings isn't good at all. 2014, the year Robsten was no longer. Hey, I'm all for seeing some new flings in the future. Rob, just don't drag Dylan Penn into the mess.

Do you think it's about time Rob and Kristen finally moved on?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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