Kim Kardashian's Extreme Diet Could Have Frightening Results

kim kardashianSure, we've all seen our fair share of celebrities who take seriously extreme measures to lose weight after baby. Well, if you thought that Kim Kardashian going on the Atkins diet to lose 50 pounds after giving birth to North was extreme -- just wait until you hear about what she's doing now, even AFTER returning to her slender pre-baby size. Allegedly a source tells OK! that Kim's eating less than 600 calories each day. Not only that, but that her diet revolves around steamed veggies doused in zero-calorie flavor spray and Diet Coke.

Apparently, the star is "sticking to only green vegetables, because they have more fiber, so her body will absorb less calories."

Well that sounds like an absolute nightmare. It's frightening, considering this isn't the first time we've heard about Kim's extreme weight loss habits. Sounds to me like getting back in shape after baby has been a dangerous game for Kim K.


Granted, we need to note where this news is coming from -- a gossip tabloid magazine. If Kim is being super strict about the foods she's eating, that's one thing. But to revolve your diet completely around steamed veggies and nothing else? Man, that's NO way to live. That, and I'd love to know what "flavor spray" she's using because I've yet to find one that doesn't taste like junk.

In all seriousness: Someone needs to give the future Mrs. West a nudge about what being healthy really means. Being healthy is more than just the number on a scale. It's about how how you feel, the things that make you happy, and an entire state of being. It's about managing your stress levels. It's about being content in your environment and having time to breathe. Plain and simple: Just because the scale may say something small, that doesn't mean you're healthy.

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Besides, extreme diets like this one are NO way to lose weight and keep it off. There's just zero chance of Kim being able to keep up this type of restrictive lifestyle, not in her industry. Plus -- running around on minimal calories is dangerous, period, whether you're Kim Kardashian or not. 

Did you feel unsatisfied after you lost the baby weight? Would you ever resort to these extreme measures to get thin?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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