Khloe Kardashian Can't Stop Treating Lamar Odom Like a Child

khloe kardashian selfieOne of the biggest pieces of advice you'll get in a breakup is to disconnect from your ex as much as possible. Cut him off! No more calls, no more emails, no more drunk texting in the middle of the night. Just STOP. So what's Khloe Kardashian doing, staying in "constant contact" with Lamar Odom? We're not talking simple check-ins to make sure he's alive, either. Apparently Khloe still feels responsible for the guy. The divorce is definitely 100 percent on, but Khloe may still be attending to some wifely duties. Here's what a friend of hers tells Radar Online.


Khloe has been in constant contact with Lamar daily since filing for divorce. She is making sure he is taking care of responsibilities with his DUI, and meeting with his trainer.

It’s definitely a mother-son type of relationship. There will always be a lot of love there between the two, but Khloe has definitely moved on.

Oh good Lord, has it been like this all along? Is Khloe Lamar's MOMMY? You can't get closure from a breakup (never mind a divorce!) if you're still taking care of someone to this degree. I'm sure it comes from a good place in Khloe's heart. She still cares about Lamar's well-being, and that's to her credit. But this makes me wonder if she also feels a little bit guilty about dumping the guy.

If Lamar was failing Khloe as a partner and was hurting her heart, she is completely justified in leaving him. But it's never quite that simple, is it? Especially since Lamar was fighting some demons, like his troubled background and his addictions. It must be hard for Khloe to walk away and not still want to help Lamar, even just as a friend. (Khloe, I can so relate to this situation!) I don't blame her at all. They're in a messy transitional phase right now, and Khloe has to figure out the best way for her to move on compassionately.

But at some point I think she'll have to stop taking care of Lamar and allow him to succeed or fail on his own, no matter how painful that is to watch. Someday Khloe will be in a new relationship, and she'll need to build some stronger boundaries. We all know she has a big heart. But sometimes the best way to show love is to cut those apron strings.

Do you think Khloe can move forward while staying in contact with Lamar, or does she need to cut him out of her life completely?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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