The Shocking Truth On How BIG Kim Kardashian's Engagement Ring Really Is (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian ringWhen we found out that Kim Kardashian's engagement ring is 15 carats and how many of us actually understood what that really means? Size wise? Like in person. I mean ... my friend has a 4-carat ring and I nearly dropped when I saw it. Fifteen of them -- call an ambulance. For real. Kim gave us all a New Year treat by showing off exactly how large her Lorraine Schwartz sparkler is by photographing it not on her own finger but on the adorable little baby fingers of her daughter North West.

Nori's already rocking the bling. But seeing the diamond in this way, with a 6-month-old baby hand holding it ... all I can say is WOW. Take a look.


WOW. WOW. WOW. That's sort of obscene. Diamond porn. Blinding.

But hey, good for her. She loves her ring. Kanye has the Benjamins to drop on something that massive. Everyone is happy and in love love love -- they made a baby, a borderline sex video, and all is happy in the world of Kimye.

Let's all rejoice. And hope baby Nori didn't get hurt handling that gigantic stone.

What do you think of Kim's ring?


Image via clydehairgod/Instagram; Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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