Biggest Winner Ever on 'Price Is Right' Will Put a Smile on Your Face (VIDEO)

Who doesn’t love The Price Is Right? Remember when you were home sick from school as a kid, and you’d get to watch Bob Barker make all those contestants guess the price of things? Just me?

Drew Carey may have replaced Bob Barker, but the show still holds lots of charm. Especially on this week, as the show’s biggest winner ever acted with proper decorum given such an honor. And by proper decorum, I mean she ran around the stage in circles like someone that just became the biggest winner in the show’s history.


Sheree Heil won an Audi R8 Spyder Quattro “dream car” and other prizes totaling over $170,000. She won it playing the game Gas Money, where she had four opportunities to walk away with small (under $10,000) amounts of cash or keep playing for the big win.

She kept playing, and she won big. Her enthusiasm is so contagious that I may or may not have clapped my hands and shouted, “Wooohooo!” at the computer screen watching it.

Take a look and let Sheree’s joy make you smile.

Have you ever dreamed of being a contestant on The Price Is Right?

Image via priceisright/YouTube

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