The 10 Fiercest 'Real Housewives' Feuds of 2013 (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Jan 1, 2014 Celebrities

Teresa Guidice Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind...until the next Real Housewives reunion, that is. As the year 2013 sinks with the setting sun and 2014 rises up before us all shiny and new, we have so many memories to revel in. In the Real Housewives world, most those memories are tinged with vitriol and drama -- which is just the way we like it! 

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Take your pick of Housewives franchises -- none were without their mouth-watering drama. But it's the feuds that really power each show. Sister versus sister, best friends turned enemies, men turning against women, sometimes even pets get involved (just ask Kim Richards). We now present you with some of favorite clashes of the titans. Behold, the 10 biggest Real Housewives feuds of 2013. 

What was your favorite feud of 2013?

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  • Lea Black & Adriana De Moura


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    The friendship between Adriana De Moura and Lea Black hits the skids and then some this year! When Lea learned that Adriana had been less than truthful about her marriage to Frederic Marq, Lea wanted answers. Adriana twist the situation and make Lea the bad guy. Nice try, Adriana -- we're team Lea on this one. 

  • Nene Leakes & Kenya Moore


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    Both Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore were nursing grudges at the start of the Atlanta season. Kenya Moore felt abandoned by Nene after her eviction woes. While Nene couldn't get over Kenya skipping her wedding. The women beefed, brawled, and then bro'ed down -- drama resolved. 

  • Scheana Marie & Brandi Glanville


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    Forgiven but DEFINITELY not forgotten in Beverly Hills. Brandi Glanville can hold a GRUDGE. She might have moved past her ex, Eddie Cibrian, but she hasn't quite forgotten Scheana Marie slept with the dude. She couldn't resist a snide jibe about Scheana's recent dental mishap. 

  • Phaedre Parks & Kenya Moore


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    Atlanta -- and Kenya Moore's -- second hit on the list! Who could forget Phaedre Parks' wrath when she learned Kenya Moore had been sending her husband inappropriate text messages. These Southern belles hashed it out -- but their "civil" manners hide deeply-rooted feelings of hatred sure to boil over any day now. 

  • Joanna Krupa & Lisa Hochstein


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    Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa of Miami like each other so much that they aren't afraid to call themselves "partial lesbians". But booze and hurt feelings added up to a brief feud right before Joanna's wedding. The word 'slut' was used. But they made up in the end! 

  • Lauri Peterson & Vicki Gunvalson


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    Welcome to the melee O.C.! What I like to call, the Slope-Scream heard 'round the world! When Vicki Gunvalson learned that her former bestie Lauri Peterson was spreading rumors she'd had a threesome while on a business conference, hilarious hell broke loose. The two broads are still at war -- and fair enough. 

  • Lydia McLaughlin & Slade Smiley


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    She may be small -- but sister-friend can bite! The O.C.'s Lydia McLaughlin wasn't about to let resident jerk Slade Smiley get away with criticizing the way she looked. She took the dude to task for telling her she needed to a hamburger. That guy is a jerk and a half. 

  • Kandi Burruss & Kim Zolciak


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    More like Tardy for the Lawsuit! This year marked the end of a beautiful friendship. Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss called it quits in the courtroom where things got legal as they fought over the song they made together. Tragic. The only good part was Kandi's lawyer -- Phaedre Parks

  • Rosie Pierrie & Teresa Guidice


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    The only person who can out-scream New Jersey's Teresa Giudice? Rosie Pierri! She had just about enough of Teresa this season. She was ready to scream, bicker, and get all the drama out. But we don't think this season saw the end of it. 

  • Ryan & Lydia's Mom


    Image via BravoTV

    This one was just plain weird. At Vicki Gunvalson's holiday party, her new son-in-law Ryan Culberson lost his cool. He railed at Lydia McLaughlin's mom for putting her shod feet upon on a new sofa. It was weird and uncalled for. It was also all the more tantalizing because there was only audio and no video! 

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