Tori Spelling Gives MAJOR Hint That All Is Not Well with Her Marriage

Tori SpellingOh-oh. Looks like Tori Spelling might be having a worse holiday than she's letting on. Despite her blog post insinutating that all is fine, just fiiiiine, between her and husband Dean McDermott -- despite those ill-timed cheating rumors -- Tori has given a big hint that all is not well in STORIville. Reports have it that Tori was seen leaving a dinner on December 29 without her wedding ring on.


E! News says that Tori left Behihana in Encino, California, and she was sans ring. (Maybe it's back in the restroom?) The mag reports:

When Tori came out of the restaurant [around 9 p.m.] she seemed stressed out and was not happy to see photographers. She had her nanny with her to help with all the kids and she stayed tight-lipped when asked questions about Dean’s infidelity. Tori did not make eye contact with anyone and just stared ahead.

E! News has published the "exclusive" photos, but to be honest, they are so blurry it's kind of hard to tell what's going on with that finger. We'll just have to give the spies the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, spouses do take off their rings occasionally, but with a woman claiming she had sex with Dean while he was in Toronto earlier this month, you'd think Tori would want to flash that ring for all the world to see if she didn't believe it.

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Celebs will often deny marriage trouble, but the lack of a wedding ring can portend divorce. Rupert Sanders' wife Liberty Ross ditched hers well before she filed for divorce, as did Khloe Kardashian.

Oddly, some celebs valiantly keep their band on despite the marriage having obviously fallen apart -- see Ashton Kutcher.

Something tells me Dean will be kissing Tori on New Year's Eve -- but he'll be kissing her ass.

Do you think this is a bad sign?


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