Prince William’s Plans for the New Year Will Take Him Away From Kate & George

william and katePrince William has some big plans about his future in 2014. Just one problem: they don't exactly include his wife Kate or newborn son George.

Kensington Palace has announced that the Duke of Cambridge has enrolled as a full-time student in an agricultural management program at Cambridge University. He could start classes as early as next week. The goal is to give him an understanding of what is happening to the agricultural business in his country.


While it's great for a future king to continue to educate himself, we are left wondering what this means for new mom Kate. Going back to school is a major time-suck. It's estimated that he will have 18 to 20 hours of lectures, seminars, and meetings per week in addition to his usual royal duties. That is precious time taken away from daddy duty. 

Granted, they are not the typical new parents. Kate can have nannies and attendants at her disposal with the snap of a finger. But, from all reports, that is not the type of parent either of them wants to be. From William's standpoint, he saw his mother be a more hands-on mom than any royal in history. He surely wants his child to feel the same warmth and love. But adding on a full course load will definitely impact that for awhile. And I would imagine Kate loves nothing more than having William around to experience George's firsts along with her.

Of course, this program is only temporary. It reportedly will end in the spring. But that doesn't mean more new things won't be added to William's agenda. That can't be easy for Kate to accept without some disappointment.

How do you think Kate feels about Williams jam-packed schedule?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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