Rob Kardashian's Latest Move Makes Us Think His Secret Son is Real

Rob KardashianSome may say that the Kardashians are some of the most insane frequenters of social media there ever was. Any of their followers can attest that it's almost impossible to go for more than an hour without seeing something from either Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, and the rest of the gang pop up on my feed. And hot on their tale? None other than Rob Kardashian -- who only recently started using Instagram.

Something weird to note, though? While the male Kardash was Instagrammin' up a storm over the past month or so, now all of his posts are totally gone. In the wake of the news that Rob Kardashian may have a love child with a woman he had a fling with in Miami, could he possibly be purging his account for a reason? Could the photos Rob had up there of random friends, socks, and duck-faced kissy faces present incriminating evidence that his followers missed?

Hey, I wouldn't doubt it.


Granted Rob and I aren't besties, but I'll be the first to tell him that the whole posting a slew of photos and removing them all thing, that's bad social media etiquette, period. How could you do this to all your adoring fans, Rob? If they took quality time out of their days to like, comment, or recognize your photos -- then the least you could do is keep it for 'em to gawk at for a while, eh?

Regardless, even I'll admit that social media isn't the end-all be-all of life. The tides still change when people delete things from their accounts (even celebrities). Even so, there's got to be some reason Rob's taking down all his photos. Maybe after this kiddo bomb dropped, Rob felt like he needed to regain control of his personal life and there was just too much out there for the world to look at on his Instagram feed. OR, even juicier, perhaps there were a few hints in the background of Rob's photos that revealed more truth than even he realized at first.

For now, all we know is that Rob's Instagram feed is down to one photo, and that one photo (above) is about as much Rob Kardashian as I personally can handle for a few days.

Do you think Rob's trying to hide something?


Image via RobKardashian/Instagram

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