Anne Hathaway Makes Disgusting Unladylike Statement to Paparazzo

anne hathawayAnne Hathaway gets fed up sometimes. She's of the human variety, so we should expect that. But she's also this delicate, pure faced beauty who seems like she could do no wrong. But sometimes behind that often heartattack red lipstick, Miss Anne loses her cool ... in the coolest way ever.

Now I'm not saying what she does is always cool. But it's almost always cool, which is damn cool. We can't all be as perfect as Scarlett Johansson. While out walking her dog Esmeralda the other day in Los Angeles, Anne picked up the poop just like any good dog owner would, but what she did next is shockingly unladylike. She left the dog poop on the windshield of a car.


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It wasn't just any car, of course. She has couth, you know. It was the car of the paparazzo who was following her around and snapping photos of her walking her pup.

Anne Hathaway: 1

Paparazzo: 0

Even though it's a disgusting act, I find it utterly delightful. Oh, Anne. That piece of shit must have really made that paparazzo's day. Well played, my dear, well played.

What do you think of Anne's actions? Called for or totally gross?


Image via DWNews/Flickr

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