Britney Spears Starts Her Vegas Run & It Sounds Super Depressing

Britney, Bitch If you're under 40 and still call yourself a pop-star, it's probably best not to install yourself in Las Vegas for an extended run of shows. It's one thing if you're Cher or Celine and you've paid your dues. Then of course, by all means, give us some of that glorious, cheese-laden spectacle we've come to expect from you. But not if you're Britney Spears.

Britney began her two-year Vegas run this weekend, and although she enjoyed a warm welcome from the community, the show sounds cringe-worthy. It doesn't seem fair for someone who's worked so hard to get her life back together to involve herself in something bound to make even her die-hard fans squirm. 


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Britney's show is one part old school style Vegas theatrics, interspersed with her singing the big hits. This sounds great in theory. Then you learn it's less "singing" and more "lip synching". If I wanted to pay over $50 dollars to watch someone spin around on a rope while somebody else lip synched to Britney, I'd go back in time to my Freshman year dorm and pass out wine coolers. 

Planet Hollywood's Kurt Melien conceded that Britney's using a vocal dub to get her through the more "grueling" parts of the show. He also added that they've added an "electronic" element to her voice. So basically what I'm hearing is that the Britney Spears Robot I've been working on for the past decade has finally become relevant. HOLLA!

Still, folks seemed to enjoy the show. Stars like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus flocked to support the singer on her first night. Spears proudly announced to the crowd that Las Vegas was her new home. Then she flew back to her real home in Los Angeles. It's cool Brit -- I confuse those two cities all the time. 

Would you pay cash money to see Britney latest Vegas show? Do you think she'll ever have a REAL comeback album?


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