Miley Cyrus & Kellan Lutz Hooking Up Is Just Plain Wrong

Miley Cyrus

Ugh. I really didn't want to believe the rumors when they first came out, but sources have now confirmed that Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz's fling is actually happening.

A couple of weeks ago, they were seen traveling on the same plane to Miami -- sparking whispers over whether or not they were joining the mile high club en route.

And according to a source who talked to Us Weekly, Kellan was the one who pursued Miley, not the other way around.

What the ... ?


Supposedly he contacted her earlier in December and, "the next day, they hung out. And they’ve been hooking up ever since."

And I guess it really shouldn't come as all that big a shock that Miley managed to nab a Twilight star -- but somehow they just seem pretty mis-matched to me. Although, she does sort of have the vampire teeth thing going on in the photo above (even though she captioned the shot with "bubba teeth").

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Kellan comes off as really chill and pretty reserved, and Miley is the complete opposite. She's bold, says and does whatever the heck she wants, and digs living her life in the spotlight.

Did I mention he's buddies with Liam Hemsworth? Yeah ... so that's just weird. Hasn't Kellan heard of a little thing called "man code"? Or maybe portraying a vampire somehow makes him exempt to that rule because of the no pulse thing. (Could be?)

Somehow I'm guessing that whatever is going on between these two is strictly physical -- because I'm just not seeing them together for the long haul. But then again, who ever would've guessed that Miley and Liam would last as long as they did? Stranger things have happened. And if they do manage to enter into a lasting relationship, you have to admit it'll be fun to refer to them as "Mellan."

Do you think Miley and Kellan are right for each other?


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