Tori Spelling Isn't Having the Best Christmas & It's All Dean's Fault

If you're going to cheat on your wife, you should wait until after the holidays. Of course, preferably, you are not cheating on your wife. But if you are, wait until after the new year. Because, really, why make your holidays miserable?!! Tori Spelling's husband, Dean McDermott, is supposedly learning this lesson now. Recently we heard that Dean was accused of cheating on Tori by a woman named Emily Goodhead Goodhand. And she should know, because she claims she's the one Dean cheated with.


The pair supposedly met and got it on in a Toronto hotel earlier this month, all because Dean claims that Tori won't have sex with him anymore. So the woman says she obliged Dean -- and then felt bad about the whole thing. Which totally made her tell everyone about it, because nothing eases your guilty conscience like selling your tale to the tabloids.

Anyway, neither Tori nor Dean has commented on this rumor, but Tori might be saying something by absolutely refusing to budge even a centimeter from her image as a loving wife and mother. After the allegations, she posted to her blog:

As another year comes to a close, I can’t help but feel so grateful for all of my blessings. My beautiful family, my amazing friends, and of course, all of you! [We're] spending the day together -- cuddling, cooking, baking, unwrapping gifts, eating, watching movies, and counting our blessings.

But in reality, reports RadarOnline, the holidays at the Tori/Dean house have been full of more than blessings -- there's also been tension and arguing. Says a source:

Tori is obsessed with having a picture perfect family, and thinks it’s a big part of her image. Commenting or addressing the cheating would taint that image. Things are very tense in the house right now, and Tori is making Dean’s life hell. Even though she is trying not to fight in front of the kids, it’s impossible. She has been crying and screaming at Dean, and saying he has ruined everything, including Christmas ... Dean even offered to move out, but Tori wouldn’t allow it. It’s a very unhealthy environment, and the kids are being impacted by it.

Yikes, I hope none of this is true. It would be terrible for the kids to have their Christmas ruined by mommy and daddy fighting over daddy being a slut. I mean, by daddy making a hurtful choice.

Let's hope all of this stuff is just rumor!

Do you believe any of this?


Image via Tori and Dean/Instagram

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