Jenelle Evans' Latest Tweet Explains Why She's So Into Boyfriend Nathan Griffith

Jenelle EvansThere are some A-listers who just don't have good luck with love. And then there's Jenelle Evans. After going through bad relationship after bad relationship (and then marriage) -- the Teen Mom star has finally settled down with baby daddy Nathan Griffith and the two just adore showing the world how in love they are via all forms of social media.

I mean, I can't blame her really. If I were Jenelle Evans (scary thought), I too would probably be trying to show the world that I can pick a good man after what she's been through. Especially now that Jenelle is pregnant with baby #2.

The mom-to-be took to Twitter yesterday to praise Nathan, saying that she appreciates him for going out of his way to make her happy. And while it slightly pains me to say this, it seems that Jenelle has finally found herself a good egg. Maybe, just maybe, Jenelle and Nathan are gonna be together ... forever.


Jenelle's tweet yesterday read:

Okay, so hear me out before you roll your eyes here, will ya? Jenelle used to always talk about the "nice" things Courtland Rogers would do for her -- but 99 percent of the time, those "nice" gestures were just convenient for him. So when it comes to Jenelle saying that Nathan goes out of his way to spend the mornings with her when she's up sick ... that's something else. That's the kind of gesture that counts.

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A good relationship is full of gestures like this. Instead of a man doing "nice" things that are simply convenient, which can be sweet, sure, it's about the ones he does when he really wants to. It's him showing up with flowers because he hasn't given them to you in a while. It's him dropping by work in the middle of the day with a coffee after telling him you have a headache. It's him getting you water in the middle of the night when your throat hurts from coughing. Of course, reciprocation is vital. However, it's the little things that show true appreciation that are the biggest and greatest component to any loving relationship.

Jenelle, I'm happy you've found yourself a good man. Now, let's hope things stay this way -- eh?

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man who has gone out of his way for you? Does it make you reflect on your past?


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