Matt Kemp As Good As Admits He's Dating Khloe Kardashian

Khloe KardashianEver since her split with Lamar Odom became official, the rumor mill has got to churning about who Khloe Kardashian would be dating next. That's right, we didn't even let the body cool. But then again, if what Matt Kemp is saying is true, neither did Madame Kardashian.

Reporters continually bug the guy about his relationship with Khloe. It was only a matter of time before the truth slipped out. While he claims they're "just friends" (quotes mine, not his, but I mean, hilarious if he did air quotes when he said it, so let's pretend that happened), what he's NOT saying is worth its weight in gossipy gold. 


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While Kemp toed the party line when it came to discussing whether or not he and Khloe were bumping uglies, he was less direct when asked if the rumors about spending the holidays with the Kardashians were true. He didn't say yes, but he definitely didn't say no either. Instead, Kemp, shy as a school girl, said simply: "The Kardashians are good people."

You guys. He may as well have said yes. I mean, clearly they are dating. If you aren't going someplace, you tell a reporter that. If you are spending the holidays with someone's family, it's because you want to continue gaining access to their private parts on the regs.

The fact that a "Kardashian source" (quotes still mine -- I'm basically a human T-Rex for the purposes of this article) is denying the relationship doesn't help things either. This is because every single alleged "source" is just Kris Jenner wearing a different disguise. This is doubly weird because she makes these statements via telephone, so no one can ever see her. Still, can't fault the woman for loving her some Sherlock Holmes-esque subterfuge.

How long do you think before Khloe and Matt are officially "out" as a couple?


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