Is Keri Russell Secretly Dating Her 'Americans' Co-Star Matthew Rhys?

Keri Russell has been in the news quite a bit recently, hasn’t she? Earlier this month, her Brooklyn brownstone was burglarized (while she was sleeping!) and then days later, the news broke that she and her husband Shane Deary were separated and have been for months.

Now the former Felicity star is turning heads by stepping out with her Americans costar Matthew Rhys. You might know him as the gay brother from Brothers & Sisters. You’re welcome for the reference.


Anyway, the two were spotted out “shopping and looking at furniture on the street,” according to People magazine. Not only that, but a source said, “they looked very much like a couple. They were laughing and walking closely together.”

Obviously, they’re practically engaged.

Seriously though, dating or not, it’s good to have some companionship when you’re going through a divorce. It takes a lot out of you, man, and friends help. Being able to laugh and have a little fun during this sucky time in your life is imperative to keeping your sanity.

The maybe-couple work together on FX’s The Americans, playing KGB spies in America during the Reagan administration. On the show, they pretend to be an ordinary American couple while gathering intelligence in Washington, D.C.

The best line in this whole story goes to People, for this: "They play spies on television but are (they) keeping a real-life secret as well?”

Well played, People.

Do you think Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are secretly dating?

Image via Jeff/Flickr

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